Join Our Reseller Program

  • Become an IPTV Reseller with the Shadow Streams Reseller Program, You can sell to friends, relatives & neighbours.
  • If you want to Make Money Online, you have to become a Professional IPTV Reseller, you need to have own brand, website & you should know about marketing.
  • Most importantly, (do not reveal your identity) you must be anonymous to avoid copyright infringement.

Our IPTV Reseller Program aims at helping you to boost sales, we aim to meet all of your customer’s needs and providing the best IPTV Solutions. Gain your access to a wide range of benefits and resources today!

Reseller Dashboard

An easy and simple interface designed to offer the best experience for our IPTV Resellers.

Live TV & VOD

Your customers can get an access to more than 5000 IPTV channels and Thousands of VOD

Free Trials Accounts

Provide upto 5 Free Trials Per Day to boost your Sales and increase you conversion rate.

Manage Customers

Our IPTV reseller panel makes creating, managing and renewals for your clients incredibly simple!

Realtime Monitoring

A real-time view of all your customers stats that will allow you to more understand your customers needs.

Great Support

Excellent Customer Care, We Provide you with the best support as you & your cusotmers are important.

Why Should You Choose Our IPTV Reseller Program?

Subscription Prices

  • 12H / 24H Trials = Free
  • 1 Month = 3.5CR
  • 3 Months = 10CR
  • 6 Months = 17.5CR
  • 12 Months = 30CR

All accounts can have 1 or 2 connections.

Pay as you Go

  • Bronze (50CR) = £50 GBP / 61$ USD / 79$ CAD
  • Starter Pack (100CR) = £95 GBP / 115$ USD / 150$ CAD
  • Silver (250CR) = £225 GBP / 271$ USD / 355$ CAD
  • Gold (500CR) = £425 GBP / 512$ USD / 670$ CAD
  • Platinum (1000CR) = £800 GBP / 963$ USD / 1261$ CAD

USD & CAD Prices are an approximate conversion from GBP

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Starter Pack is £95 then you can topup 50CR at a time then on, This gets your account setup, 100CR, & your own DNS. 

Yes we will provide a 24 Hour Test, Please Request Here, and add to the notes your interested in the reseller program. 

Yes, Resellers can have there own Sub-Resellers.

Yes 12hr & 24hr Trials are available at no cost to you, upto 5 per day. Please contact us if you want this increasing.

Yes you can, all of our apps are Branded as “IPTV APP” then the Version underneath. So it is basically WhiteLabel as your customers dont know it belongs to us.

We have Servers in UK, Europe, USA & Canada.

We recommend our customers use WHMCS Smarters for there apps but you can use any app that our URL is hardcoded into.

Yes, We don’t mind you using Shadow Apps or the Shadow Name but if you are doing so then you must use our current prices, if you brand as your own IPTV Name then you can set your own prices there are no restrictions.

We accept PayPal (Friends & Family), BitCoin or Bank Transfer

Please contact us if you require assistance?

We have been going for 3 years this is our 4th Season.

We only do VOD Restream Lines, We have over 25000+ VODs which contain 3000+ movies and 800+ are Series and Boxsets.

We DO NOT DO Any other type of restreams.

VPN Connections are not required but you can use if you want.

No we don’t Lock Users to there I.Ps

All accounts can setup 1 or 2 Connections for the same credit price.

If you require any further information in relation to our Reseller/Restreams then use the Chat or Email us & we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our service/s.

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